The 8 Worst Cruise Ship Experiences

Cruises are considered to be one of the most relaxing forms of vacation options to choose from. The hotel and entertainment is all held on the single vessel and the exotic travel destinations are conveniently at your front door each morning. However, these relaxing cruise ships are also notorious for the nightmares they can quickly become. From pirates, to engine failure, to icebergs, there are eight front runners in cruise ship disasters.

The Carnival Triumph was nicknamed the “Poop Cruise” because of the unfortunate engine fire that caused the septic system to malfunction. The scheduled four-day Caribbean adventure turned into an eight-day nightmare leaving passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico without power or air conditioning. A few years before that, the passengers on the Carnival Splendor were in a similar situation in the Pacific Ocean.

On the other side of the world, the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia hit a reef off the coast of Tuscany, Italy in January 2012. The collision caused the ship to tip over, injuring 64 people and killing 32. The clean-up of the accident took several months to complete.

Seaborn Spirits met a nefarious fate when Somalian pirates attacked the cruise ship with machine guns and grenade rocket launchers. Fortunately, none of the 300 passengers were injured before the captain was able to outrun the attackers.

Illness is another common injury due to the close proximity of the passengers on a cruise ship. The Celebrity Mercury found itself in a norovirus outbreak in 2010. More than 400 out of the 2,600 passengers and crew fell ill with widespread vomiting and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

Weather conditions cannot always be predicted or avoided as in the case of the Norwegian Dawn. The cruise ship fell victim of a 70-foot wave that caused at least 62 of its cabins to flood. Several hundred of the passengers disembarked the vessel before the final stop once the storm had passed.

The S.S. Eastland and famous RMS Titanic are some of the oldest and most deadly cruise ship accidents ever to occur. The S.S. Eastland lost more than 840 of its 2,500 passengers when the ship rolled over while still in port in Chicago. This occurred only three years after the “unsinkable ship” met its fate in the North Atlantic in 1912. More than 1,500 men and women died after the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

According to the website of the Louis A. Vucci cruise ship injuries are some of the most serious due to the massive size of the vessel and the potential physical and emotional damages an incident could cause. If you were injured or suffered damages due to negligence on a cruise ship, discuss your legal options with an attorney in your state to receive the compensation you deserve.

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