Motorcycle Accidents: Common Causes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS says that motorcycle accidents lead to more fatalities compared to accidents involving regular passenger cars. The reason as to why motorcycles are more susceptible to dangerous accidents is easy to surmise. Unlike drivers and passengers riding inside a car, motorcycle riders aren’t protected by anything else other than the safety equipment that they’re wearing.

Despite these risks, there are still ways that motorcycle riders can’t reduce the possibility of facing the potential dangers common to the vehicles they are operating. By learning more about the common causes of motorcycle accidents, riders can do what they can to avoid any unwanted outcomes. Any personal injury lawyer in Chicago has probably seen the severe effects of motorcycle accidents and would know that the following are just some of the incidents that they can learn more about to prevent possible accidents.

Sudden stop collisions are a lot more dangerous for motorcycles that it is for regular passenger cars. When another vehicle rear ends a motorcycle, the force can cause the cyclist to fall to the ground. Another common cause of major motorcycle accidents is the size of the vehicle in question. This makes riders more vulnerable to blind spots of other vehicles.

Something else that should be kept in mind is the condition of the road when operating a motorcycle. For example, slippery roads can cause a motorcycle to skid off the road and crash somewhere else. Likewise, mechanical defects and malfunctions can also cause a motorcycle to veer out of the control of the cyclist.

Lastly, motorcycle riders should be on the lookout for open car doors they might crash into. These types of collisions are particularly common in residential streets where other drivers might leave their car doors open for a while.

Even while fatalities are tragically a common outcome in motorcycle accidents, some riders are fortunate enough to survive the crash. Still, they are still left with severe injuries that will take a long time to recover from. As a motorcycle rider, it is important to stay safe and protect yourself from injury.

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Rollover Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 280,000 rollover accidents occur annually. Rollover accidents are some of the most violent and complicated car accidents, causing about 10,000 deaths each year. These types of incidents include several factors: the type of vehicle, the environment, behavior of the driver, and road conditions.

It is reported that 90 percent of fatal, single-car rollover accidents are due to poor driver behavior. This suggests that distraction, alcohol impairment, or speed were critical factors that lead to these crashes. A Detroit car accident lawyer may tell you that drunk drivers are capable of seriously injuring other drivers on the road due to their negligent behavior. This includes harming and possibly killing an innocent individual by involving a second party in a rollover accident.

Speeding and reckless driving are other leading causes of rollover accidents. According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm lists these impairments when an individual decides to speed:

  • Decreased reaction time
  • Poor visibility
  • Increased chance of collision
  • Decreased ability to brake
  • Decreased ability to maneuver the vehicle

There are currently no federal standards for automobile manufacturers to prevent rollover accidents. A rollover rating system was released in 2001 that gives one to five stars to a vehicle in order to inform drivers about the likelihood of the make of the vehicle to cause a rollover. A five star rating means the rollover risk is less than 10 percent while a one star rating equals a greater than 40 percent risk of rollover. Cars that are more likely to roll over are therefore more expensive to insure.

While many rollover accidents are fatal, there are also severe injuries that can occur. These include bone fractures, brain injury, and spinal injuries that are capable of causing permanent health issues. If you’ve been a victim of a rollover accident, contact your local car accident lawyer to find out if your entitled to any compensation.

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